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North Carolina trap and skeet shooting club

Shotgun notes by Donald K. Burleson

August 2011

North Carolina is famous for their marksmen, and North Carolina is one of the best places anywhere to get started shooting trap and skeet.

I have found that my favorite place to shoot trap and skeet is the Charlie Brown Gun Club in Kittrell, a quick 30 minute drive north of Raleigh.  To join, or get information about shotgun shooting, please call:

Charlie Brown Trap and Skeet Club
3828 Bobbitt Road
Kittrell, NC 27544


I recommend the Charlie Brown Trap and skeet for anybody in the RTP area for many reasons:

Nearby:  The Charlie Brown shotgun club has close proximity to Raleigh

Night shooting:  Lights for evening trap shooting

Beginner friendly:  The club is noted for their friendly members, including many national and state champions, real-deal experts who can offer unbiased and pragmatic advice to beginners.

Voice activated trap:  Unlike other gun clubs in the Raleigh area, the Charlie Brown gun club boasts the voice activated ERAD devices for wireless pulling of trap clays.

Stellar Club House:  It's also one of the best trap and skeet gun clubs because of their great club house, air conditioned with cable television and a well-stocked refrigerator, including beer, soda and snacks.

Affordable prices:  The Charlie Brown gun club is also very reasonable priced, at only $2.50 per round for trap or skeet (25 shots).  The members also chip-in to buy shotgun ammo at less than 23 cents per round.

The Charlie Brown Gun club is a great place for anybody in the RTP area (Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, Cary) because of it's close proximity, but best of all, the Charlie Brown gun club has famous for their friendly members, and experts who can offer training and unbiased advice about the proper trap and sheet shooting equipment.

Charlie Brown is the North Carolina State Trap shooting Champion and a seasoned trap and skeet instructor.

Charlie is always available to give new shooters guidance and shotgun tips, everything from choosing the proper shotgun and ammo, to advanced trap and skeet instruction.

Charlie is always willing to help beginners and encourages the proper techniques for learning  trap and skeet.

The Charlie Brown gun club is open year round and they have night lighting for trap shooting in the evenings.

It's seldom crowded for shooting trap of skeet as they have three full trap fields and a skeet field.

Sponsored ATA scoring competitions are held periodically at the Charlie Brown Gun Club


It's a quick, scenic drive from Raleigh to the Charlie Brown shotgun club:






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